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Author: BullDog Subject: Mark Davis

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Registered: 05-04-2011

posted on 05-04-2011 at 20:56 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Mark Davis

The Truth about Mark Davis and company....

I felt compelled to write this when I received a spam E-mail advertisement for a new International dating site (yes, yet another one!) from Mark Davis. I have been thinking about it for sometime and finally thought that other people should know about what Mark is really doing.

I have known Mark for a couple years, he spoke at an AFA seminar about his experience with A Foreign Affair and how he met his wife with their help. There is also another man named Law who met his wife via A Foreign Affair. Now it seems they started their own company and are now saying the Tours/Socials are not the way to go, that they are not effective and will probably not work, that they have a much better way. So let me understand this... They both went on an AFA tour and met and married their wives from AFA but now for some reason it doesn't work for anyone else???? Mark and his wife had been on several of AFA events talking about how great the socials were and how they met at the socials, (I know because I personally heard both of them talking about how great and effective they were) and now all of the sudden because they started a competing business, their views have done a 180.

I find this very disingenuous. I called AFA and talked to one of the principals about it and learned that there is a third person who helped Mark financially to start the business and guess what, he too met his wife via A Foreign Affair, on the same tour and at a social! (I never met this person) So here are three guys who owe the fact that they met their wives to A Foreign Affair and they decide to start a business not only competing with them, but attacking the very tours and socials that they used to find their wives. Nice form. They try to pass themselves off as experts when not one of them have ever run a tour or even introduced anyone that resulted in a single marriage. I also noticed that Mark is using media exposure that he received because of A Foreign Affair, (him and his wife being a successful couple) to his advantage, making it look like it was for his company when in reality it only has to do with him and his wife meeting via A Foreign Affair, his company didn't even exist when the media pieces were done, they were all about A Foreign Affair, very misleading, if not illegal.

Again, I felt compelled to write this because I know A Foreign Affair had done a lot over the last 15 years to try and shed the sleazy image and legitimize the industry and when I see what Mark and his friends are trying to do I feel like taking a long hot shower to try and wash the sleaze off. Here a company did what they said they would do and found wives for all three of them and in return the three not only start a competing business but attack the very tours and socials that were successful for them. In at least Mark and Laws case they also go back on everything they were saying about the tours and the Socials prior to starting their own busienss, given all this not sure I for one would trust anything they say.
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