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Author: Crooked55 Subject: Just so you know....

Posts: 4
Registered: 03-04-2010

posted on 03-07-2010 at 09:03 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Just so you know....

If Ron White (the comedian) is in need of any new material here is an honest to God true tale of stupid things coming from a real persons mouth. You may recall from my previous post that I still live with my Ex and her lazy-arse 20 y/o son. She cannot see the way this kid uses her (or tried to with me). So we live together only because we still need to sell the house.

True story: To sell a house for what its worth it needs to be clean and well presented (correct me if I am wrong). As we approach spring I am working at getting the house ready. Ass boy is asked to clean his bedroom and bathroom by me and his Ma. One week goes by, then another and so on and nothing gets done. Finally the "S" hits the fan and I do his bedroom. Afterwards I ask his Ma, (the Ex) why he can't make his bed without big lumps in it? Her answer: "It is an impossible bed to make."

The 50 year old Registered Nurse tells me a 20 y/o healthy male is unable to make a bed because it is an impossible bed to make. What sort of bed does he need for him to be able to make it, says I? You know that he still stuffs dirty paper plates underneath his mattress don't you, says I? If the dick can lift up a mattress to put a dirty paper plate underneath it he can surely lift it up enough to tuck in a blanket or 2, says I.

I won't go into just how dirty the room was. I made her do his dirty laundry that avalanched out of his closet when I opened it. It took her one full day and 12 maximum loads. She accused me of not needing to rifle his closet. She does not believe that it stunk from the outside.
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Posts: 13
Registered: 04-22-2010

posted on 04-22-2010 at 11:30 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

hey, the fact that you are so worked up over that issue must mean there is a lot of anger still there between you and your ex.

Whether you agree with her methods or not, the environment youre depicting can't be good for the 20 year old, especially since he should be out on his own at this point.

Don't you think that getting him into a university/dorm or apartment would be a good idea? Maybe even just inspire him to get a job and get his own place...doesnt he want those things?

Even you could get out of the house and get your own place to ease the tension.

Im only saying this because it seems like her son is a major point of frustration for you but she doesn't want to repromand him for bad behavior, erven though he lives in your house still. all being crammed in one place might not be the best idea

If you guys can't sit down and have a conversation to figure out a way to get along in one house, someone should consider moving out so selling the house won't depend on you guys getting along
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