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Author: heronero Subject: Possible scam outside dating service?

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Registered: 12-06-2011

posted on 12-06-2011 at 19:06 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Possible scam outside dating service?

Hello, I hope this is ok, but I really need some input even though this isn't about russian marriage services. Maybe I'm paranoid, or I'm just actually right.
Has anyone been in contact with any people that have been in touch with these kinds of scams from other places than dating services?

If you don't mind I'd like to share my tale (in lack of better terms) about a girl whom I've gotten in touch with over a social network called Last fm.
Here's the timelapse:

ca. 14 months ago - I met a girl on last fm who had been writing on an artists page (an artist that we both were fans of) which I had as well, and she contacted me and said she had taken swedish lessons in school and wondered if I could help her. I thought that she looked great and maybe I could keep my "moves" fresh, seeing as I had no one else from the female gender in my life at that time (I know it's ridiculous, but hey wouldn't anyone do this? :P).

We spoke on last fm until about 6 months ago and she told me twice that she was going to visit Sweden (not to meet me, just visit) but first she had some problem, and the second time she slipped in her bathroom and broke her leg (oh so tragic, so inconvenient). When we had started talking she told me she was engaged, but soon called this off due to him cheating.

But anywho, what has happened to her during ca. 14 months, and before, is following things:
- her mother is ill.
-she is ill.
-she needed urgent surgery when I started trying to cut our conversations, but has postponed this surgery due to different reasons (e.g. money problems). Note that she had mentioned heartproblems from the start. But now she actually needed surgery too.
- her mother got a relationship with her danish boss, left her daughter with her father who became a drunk and started hitting her, and moved to denmark.
- her parents were involved with a car crash (not a serious one, but just out of the blue (not that there's non out of the blue ones))
- her sister is evil (as in actually evil and manipulative). They broke off contact.
- her father lost his job.
- police phoned her one night and told her that her fathers passport etc had been found on a dead man. The day after her father said his bag had been stolen whilst he was travelling to Ukraine.
- she has been raped.
- she has been beaten by her former fiance.
- she's a animal lover and has twice found kittens which she's tried to save, though one died.
- she's an exc. student and are insecure about scholarships.
- she's flooded with homeworks and never gets to sleep.
- she's depressed and has panic attacks.
These aren't all the things, just some of them.

And here's a letter I received today, after we had a rather not-so-calm discussion about me leaving to travel and not being able to be in as much contact, and also me hinting I wanted to break contact with her (before all this everything was fine with her. All things looked bright) (the "//" is my writing):

"Dear, i\m writing to say that i will disappear for some time. just because everything is too is a catastrophe.
my dad called me and said i must come tomorrow and sign papers that i dont object to selling the house, and that all the money will go to make up my father's debts. i had no idea about them. that means that i wont be able to pay for that operation.

//Her father is leaving for Ukraine to get work, that is known from before and she was getting some of the moeny from the house in order to rent a flat. What's not known from before is that he had debts.

i have just received a letter from australia that no scholoships are offered to humanitrarians. and no in sweden. and no canada. only for no chances for me to get out by myself. just becaise i cant possibly save so much money in following years.
and i was calling my mother thw hwole evening who even didnt answer.
and i came home and saw that my drunk neighbours broke my door and i cant find teh tiger.

// She had said a couple of days ago she found both scholarships in Sweden and Australia. This suddenly changed. She move to a new apartment some days ago, and now the former friendly neighbours kicked down her door. The tiger is her cat.

i will go to some hotel to stay tonight, and then i will.

i can\t even call my granny becquse she is old and ill, nor my "sister".

if anything dont blame meplease i really wanted everything to be fine and great and tried todo my best. i am just totally unlucky. or just stupid and unable to really do nything decent.
i am really sorry for making you feeling bad or anything. i hate the fact i really have done that for manyt imes. if anything, i wish you all the best. i dont say thta because i am nice or anything, i just speak my mind.

and i really like you, and you are the pnly one i trust . icant tellanyone how i am because they immedialystart to release rumours. most of people who study with me, about 250 girls, from my course believe i am a filthy one who fuck verythingmovung and never invite me on parties where their boyfriends are though i ahve never won over anyone so that is only because i have my fans i guess.

i cant write anymore so i still hope everything will be good and you will do fine.

if anything merry christmas!
and please dont blame me, i really want everything to be great."

Another interesting thing was when we started chatting on skype, and somehow started talking about email services and being able to get ip's and thus home adresses from them. I challenged her to get mine, and within 10 minutes she had my home adress and I asked her how she got it, to which she responded " through ip". I told her my ip couldn't trace me back here, and she said she joked and got it off my facebook, and I told her she wasn't a friend of mine on facebook and therefor couldn't see my adress, and she started getting nervous. Seeing I'm not trusting anyone really (bad habit of mine) I started to question her and provocing her, and she got nervous and started asking if I called the police (I told her "why do you care", and she said due to possible problems with her school). She came up with several reasons, like getting it from her cache etc, and I told her that it wasn't possible seeing as she had told me her old computer broke, which she had used whilst being a friend of mine on facebook (she deleted her facebook for some reason after a while, therefor we weren't friends anymore). She said she had saved all her cache due to trust problems, and all kinds of crap came out :P

This seems like your typical scam, but for the first 5 months or so I was the driving force, whilst she was offensive and not too keen on talking. She must at least exist, due to wanting to speak to me (over skype) and sending pictures confirming that she's real (depicting poses, or whatever, I've requested), sending school schedules etc.

My only problem right now is really to either continue believing in her, or possibly making her commit suicide given that she's real. She is actually too great in every way, which makes it all so hard for a nice guy like me. I'm fucking in love with this utterly perfect girl, but at the same time I can't drop the thought of it being a scam Note: She hasn't asked me for any money. However I've learned that some try to push one into offering this instead of asking for it.

Please give me your input, because I really need some help here. Be my hangmen if it's needed :P Just put me out of my misery.
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